Life events are catalysts. They work both ways and can have a profound impact on an individual. Often a pair of friendly ears can help make the right choices. We are around to lend you a ear whenever you need one.

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About Us

We are a team that helps you to speak your mind. If you have something good to share or something that is bothering you, you may speak to us. If you have a life event to deal with like mid life crisis, a job loss, a divorce or a death of a near one, we can talk. If you are elated and want to share your heartfelt joys, talk to us. We believe that most of our reactions are because we are not able to vent our feelings. Give your feelings a channel.

Let's Talk



If you need an avenue to vent your feeling, bounce your thoughts or simply share what is on your mind, you can expect a pair of friendly ears. We help you share your pent up emotions- good ones and not so good ones.


We offer you coaching facilities for your professional ambitions. If you need to sharpen your professional skills to take that next step on the corporate ladder, we are there to help you.


You may want a long term association to grow through various stages of your life. It may not be just the next promotion but your long term goals. We help you to get mentored through the course of events that shape your life.


The inherent desire to learn is what has helped humans evolve. If you deem necessary, we can organize custom made training courses for you. Knowledge and applied wisdom will work for your benefit to give you the extra edge in moving forward in life.

Returning Employees

We understand that a break in your career may cause a feeling of uncertainty when you want to come back into the corporate life again. The world around is changing so fast, it pays to get some professional help to get yourself ready when you want to return to the corporate life. We help you in getting ready for the changed world.



Privacy Statement

Given that we deal in information that at times is very personal in nature, we take privacy very seriously. These are the principles we stand by:

1. When we ask for your personal information, we will tell you why we need it and what we will do with it
2. We will only ask for those pieces of information that we need to perform the service you seek from us
3. We will retain your information only as long as required for business or under any statute
4. We will not actively use or publicly advertise any of our clients in order to seek business from other prospects
5. We will not use your personal information for any marketing activity nor transmit any such information outside of our Firm
6. We will regularly review how we are meeting these principles to ensure that there are no loose ends to these or any breach on our part in adhering to these.

Vent your feelings. Feel Lighter. Feel Better. See the word in a new light.

Let's Talk

Take it light. Play it right. Yesterday is gone, let today and tomorrow be fun.

Let's Talk

Coffee and Muffins. Both go well together when you have company to talk.

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